Aurora Shooting

Let Killers Be Nameless And Forgotten
I rarely share serious thoughts. Heck, I rarely HAVE serious thoughts. But, this is one that I would really love to see happen. Can we seriously figure out some way to convince the media to not publicize the names of mass murderers? Instead of making them famous, let's erase them.
Aurora Movie Theater Shooter Called University Minutes Before Tragedy
The shooter in the July 20th Aurora, CO shooting at a movie theater apparently called a University of Colorado switchboard nine minutes before he opened fire. James Holmes killed 12 people and wounded 58 at a midnight premier showing of 'The Dark Knight Rises'. He was in court yesterday in…
Are Aurora Victim Funds Being Misappropriated?
The charity that has raised money for the benefit of the families of those who died in the Aurora shooting last month are now facing accusations. A majority of the families believe the charity is ignoring them.
Could The Tragedy In Aurora Been Prevented?
Could the tragedy the occurred in Aurora have been prevented if psychiatrists at the University of Colorado had paid attention? The psychiatrist treating the accused gunman in the July 20th tragedy in Aurora was so concerned about his behavior she mentioned it to others at the university.
Three people test America's tolerance after Aurora shooting
Much like after the September 11th terrorist attacks people have decided to test the tolerance of the public and ended up in handcuffs for doing so. Three people have been arrested in as many states after opening their making threats at showings of 'The Dark Knight Rises'.