Could the tragedy the occurred in Aurora have been prevented if psychiatrists at the University of Colorado had paid attention? The psychiatrist treating the accused gunman in the July 20th tragedy in Aurora was so concerned about his behavior she mentioned it to others at the university.

Adding that James Holmes could potentially be a threat to others. When he quit his classes the school didn't feel they could pursue their concerns that had surfaced over a month before the shooting. The university previously stated they had done all they could but, now that statement isn't sitting well with many. It has also come out that neither the university or their threat assessment team never contacted the police to alert them of their concerns.

The suspect was charged Monday with murder, attempted murder and weapons charges in the shooting that killed twelve and left nearly sixty injured.  The threat assessment team at the university has said that when the suspect withdrew from the program he was enrolled in the team felt they "had no control over him" because he never made specific threats. If James Holmes had made a specific threat the team would have been forced to contact law enforcement because that never happened the call was never made.

A preliminary court hearing and evidence hearing are expected to take place in mid-November.