The charity that has raised money for the benefit of the families of those who died in the Aurora shooting last month are now facing accusations. A majority of the families believe the charity is ignoring them.

The father of one victim, Alex Teves said, "We need people who were in the theater, together with those who have lost loved ones, driving these decisions [of where the money goes]." Prompting Governor Hickenlooper to step in promising the families their concerns will be heard soon.

The Aurora Victims Relief Fund has taken in at least 5 million dollars with the approval of the governor to assist the families of those killed and wounded in the shooting. Now a majority of family members of those killed are coming forward saying, "We are certain that everyone who donated their hard-earned wages intended for 100% of the donations to go directly to the victims and then each family affected would use those funds for  what they needed most to help with their healing process. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case."

The only money handed out so far has been to 10 local non-profits causing family members to have issues with how those funds were collected. The family members have said, "When you generate funds for a relief fund called the 'Aurora Victims Relief Fund', using pictures and names of our murdered loved ones without our permission, it would stand to reason that the fund is for the victims of the Aurora shooting.

The only money the 70 families have received have been checks for 5 grand from COVA one of the non-profits the fund money has been funnelled off to. The families have said 5 grand is not enough to help and when they have reached out to COVA they have basically said we're not cutting you another check.

Now there is talk of having family members on the committee controlling the money and the governor's office has said they are trying to, "improve communication and the ongoing distribution assistance." The committee and representatives of the families will meet on Friday and have been told they will receive more money.

The Community First Foundation which the governor approved to handle the Aurora Victim's Relief Fund promised those donating their money that their donations would go towards helping the victims and families first adding, "as funds are available [help meet] the bread needs of those affected in the community."