Much like after the September 11th terrorist attacks people have decided to test the tolerance of the public and ended up in handcuffs for doing so. Three people have been arrested in as many states after opening their making threats at showings of 'The Dark Knight Rises'.

  1. In Maine a 49-year-old was stopped with an arsenal including an AK-47, four handguns and ammunition. He also had news clippings of the Aurora, CO tragedy. He allegedly told police he went to the movie in Maine Saturday with a loaded gun in his backpack. He also allegedly stated that he was headed to New Hampshire to kill his former boss.
  2. In Arizona a man received disorderly conduct charges plus threatening and intimidation charges for creating a commotion at the showing of the film Friday night. He went to the movie with a large backpack while drunk on moonshine causing over fifty people to flee the theater. Off-duty border patrol agents tackled him finding a half-empty bottle of moonshine and an empty bottle of other liquor.
  3. A man in L.A. was arrested Sunday for making threats and references to the shooting in Aurora and was arrested. He also had his home searched where nothing was found.