I rarely share serious thoughts. Heck, I rarely HAVE serious thoughts. But, this is one that I would really love to see happen. Can we seriously figure out some way to convince the media to not publicize the names of mass murderers? Instead of making them famous, let's erase them. 

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This is a poor example, but I believe the same principle applies. Years ago, Major League Baseball established a policy where TV networks are not to show people that run out onto the field. The idea is that it communicates to these losers that they will not get famous if they come out of the stands. Those instances now happen a lot less than they did before the policy was put in place.

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Some people are evil and will commit these crimes regardless. I realize that. But, the Aurora movie theater murderer modeled himself after the Joker in the Batman movies so you know he at least partially had infamy in mind.

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Even if this stopped just one of these horrific incidents, it would be worth it. The question is, can we ever do anything to get this done and if so, what?