The shooter in the July 20th Aurora, CO shooting at a movie theater apparently called a University of Colorado switchboard nine minutes before he opened fire. James Holmes killed 12 people and wounded 58 at a midnight premier showing of 'The Dark Knight Rises'. He was in court yesterday in a full courtroom including some of his victims, survivors of the shooting.

The 24 year old James Holmes has been charged with murder, attempted murder and weapons charges. His psychiatrist, who is a doctor at the school, expressed concerns before the tragedy. She testified her contact with the killer ended over a month before the tragedy. She contacted university police over her concerns of what happened during their last meeting, although she didn't go into detail into what she was referencing.

James Holmes mailed a notebook to the psychologist prior to the shooting, but it wasn't found until after the tragedy on July 20th. It is still up in the air if the notebook is admissable in court. She also testified yesterday that the attorneys for the shooter asked her to send back the notebook to James Holmes through them.


It has also come out that the University of Iowa denied his application to the school and said, "Do not offer admissions under any circumstances [to James Holmes]." Other officials of the university agreed that he should not be admitted into their school. He was denied access to the University of Colorado campus after June 12th due to threateaning a professor leading to his voluntary withdrawl from the neuroscience graduate program he was enrolled in.

The university has hired a former U.S. attorney to do an independent review of how the school handled the situation prior to and leading up to the tragic event.