Some bands, it's challenging to find one reason to make it out to see their show. Not the case with Royal Bliss. Here are 5.

1) They're neighbors. Hailing from Salt Lake City, Royal Bliss has been making their mark in the rock music scene for years. It's always best to support local bands when you can. Being from the region, it's the next best thing.

Taylor Richards
Taylor Richards

2) It's "Working Man" rock. They tribute Johnny Cash and Led Zeppelin as their primary music influences. You take that and mix it with the deep, raspy voice of front man, Neal Middleton, you have what they call “Heartland Rock.” Music that speaks to the common man, tells a story, and rocks out with a good time party vibe. It's a musical combination that celebrates American life, dreams, and love, all the while staying true to their classic rock roots.

3) They're rock veterans. Royal Bliss started in a basement as kids who had a passion for music and a drive to succeed. They've been rocking for nearly 20 years. They've toured with Buckcherry, Candlebox, Chevelle, Kid Rock, and Papa Roach, just to name a few.

4) They've more than paid their dues. They have survived record deals, broken down buses, band member changes, weddings, and kids. Neal Middleton himself survived a devastating 35 foot fall off a building. He was told he might not make it through the night, and if he did, that he would be paralyzed. Middleton didn't give up. With a “mind over body” mindset, as he describes it, he fought himself all the way back.

5) Stayed true to their sound. "We have always done our own thing and been honest with ourselves and our music by singing about things that are real and happening to us and our fans.  In recent years, rock radio has gone way heavier than what we do and we are finding that we haven’t changed direction but the industry and the boxes it puts artists in has.  Royal Bliss isn’t doing anything different than what they always have done," says Middleton.

The show is this Saturday, February 11th at The Mesa Theater in downtown Junction. Get your tickets before they sell out by clicking HERE. I'll have your chance to win your way onto the 95 Rock guest list. Some lucky listeners will meet the band before the show. That could be you.



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