It's that easy. If your name wins our listener poll, you'll score a pair of tickets to the Skillet concert Friday, September 1st at the new Amphitheater at Los Colonias Park.

We've had some great suggestions on Facebook. Some of my favorites are "Black Betty", "Streetsweeper", and "Mopar Monster". As I had mentioned last week, a couple of the crew suggestions I liked was "Rocky" and "Jules" (because it's bad and black).

Ray Michaels
Ray Michaels

Well, it matters little what I think. Or even what our management team likes. We've decided to let you guys make the call. Once we get a few more suggestions we're taking our top picks and tossing them in a poll and letting you guys choose a winner. You, the 95 Rock fans will help name this bad boy and someone will be on their way to Skillet come September 1st.

It is a cool old truck. As recently as a few months ago, this thing was busted, faded, and had major engine problems. There was even some talk of selling it. I said "no way"! It's too cool to let it go. Where else can you find a beast like this? Well, it back and rock'n again and after the addition of a few accessories, it's good to go. All it needs is a name. Hop on 95 Rock's Facebook page now let's hear from you! You could be on your way to Skillet. If the names that good, perhaps we can swing some backstage passes! Good luck!

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