Royal Bliss will be taking the stage at The Mesa Theater tonight, and Nate caught up with singer Neal Middleton to talk about some things.

Neal mentioned that he and his Royal Bliss bandmates are big fans of Grand Junction, and like to visit the same group of friends each time they come to town and grab tacos. He also mentioned that because the band lives in Salt Lake City that it's easy to come to town and visit their Grand Junction family.

He also told the grim story of the time he fell off a balcony and was seriously injured. Middleton said that he was at a friend's house in Long Beach when the railing on the balcony gave way and he fell 35 feet onto the concrete below. He suffered a broken pelvis, broken shoulder, and was told by the doctors that he was likely going to be paralyzed for life.

However, Middleton taught himself to walk again and eventually recovered, although he still has numbness in one of his legs.

Royal Bliss has a new self-titled record out now. Middleton said that the reason they decided to name the album after the band is that it's the truest album to the band that they've ever released.

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