Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend. You'll get an extra hour on Sunday. What are your plans for it? Here are my Top 5 ideas.

1) Enjoy the extra hour of sleep. Since we set our clocks back before we go to bed most of us use the extra hour to get some much-needed rest. Many of us don’t get the recommended minimum amount of seven hours of sleep each night. So when we "fall-back" this weekend we automatically get an extra hour.

2) Celebrate the extra hour. On the other side of the spectrum, you could stay out an extra hour. If you're going out and staying up late, why not continue the party an extra hour? Not a bad idea if you've got nowhere to go on Sunday morning. Just remember no matter how long the party, always use a designated driver. Never drink and drive.

3) Binge watch a TV series. Taking in several episodes of any program takes a lot of time. The extra hour on Sunday will help you get it done.

4) Spend time with someone special. Perhaps it's the best investment of your extra hour. Make plans to let that special someone know you how much you care and invest the extra hour with them. Come on man! Surprise her by making dinner, running her a bath, and a foot massage. Perhaps then you'll be the one really enjoying your extra hour overnight Sunday.

5) Listen to an extra hour of 95 Rock. There will be an extra hour of commercial-free music on the air to fill the "fall back" time. It may be the last resort plan but it's not a bad one. Radio is still free and commercial free rock is an even extra cool thing.

Happy "fall back" weekend. Enjoy that extra hour because it will be taken back from you next spring.

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