All next week listen for your chance to win your Nitro Circus Live tickets. Lucky listeners will qualify to hit the track at the Grand Junction Motor Speedway and race their way to VIP!

Nitro Circus Live is the biggest show to hit Grand Junction in years! Everywhere I go people ask me about Nitro Circus. Somewhere in the conversation, most ask something like "How'd we get those guys to come here?" Good question. They travel the world showing off their amazing skills. Beleive it or not, Nitro Circus Live is coming to Ralph Stocker Stadium next Saturday, August 26th.

Deanna Pierce

All next week keep your radio locked on 95 Rock and listen for your chance to win tickets. Also when you hear that special Nitro Circus-Grand Junction Motor Speedway Sounder, be caller nine and you'll not only win tickets, you win a spot to race with the stars of Nitro Circus on the speedways amazing, super-fast, go-cart track!

Dustin Wayman

Grand Junction Motor Speedway is one of the best go-cart tracks I've ever seen. We're fortunate to have such a cool facility in our neighborhood. Get out there and check it out. The place is very cool and staff super-helpful.

Dustin Wayman

Next Saturday at noon those qualifiers will take on the Nitro Circus guys. The overall winner will instantly upgrade their tickets to VIP for the show. Find out more info and get your Nitro Circus tickets by clicking HERE. We'll hopefully see you at the Grand Junction Motor Speedway next Saturday and at the show that evening at Ralph Stocker Stadium. Nitro Circus Live rocks!

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