The Mesa Theater

Gallagher Is This Friday
I had the pleasure of getting to hang out with Gallagher this week. He's in town taking in Grand Junction before his show Friday night at The Mesa Theater. It's going to be awesome!
Video Stars Wanted
This evening it's your chance to star in the new Zolopht music video. The shoot is free and everyone's welcome to join the fun at The Mesa Theater.
This Sunday Get Lost In Space
This Sunday evening it's yet another great show at The Mesa Theater. My friends, Season's After, Bridge to Grace, and Gears hit the stage. Getting Lost In Space can be a allot of fun.
Hawthorne Heights Hit Town Tuesday
I believe it was at a Warped Tour show I last saw these midwest rockers.  It's been a few years ago but once you've seen a Hawthorne Heights show, you won't forget it. They hit The Mesa Theater tomorrow night.
Zolopht And Friends Equals A Great Time
The biggest party in Junction this weekend is Saturday night June 3rd at The Mesa Theater. Zolopht is a large enough party in their own right. However, when they invite some heavyweight musical friends, it takes it to another level entirely.
The Boys Return
The Boys Of Summer return to The Mesa Theater this Saturday, May 13th. They are without question one of the best Eagles tribute bands in the country!
Boxaflex In Town Tonight
Being kin of the McCoy's from the famous Hatfield & McCoy feud is perhaps what gives Bobaflex founders, brothers Shawn "Beaver" McCoy and Minister Marvin McCoy, their edge. More likely it's their hard work and dedication to their craft.
QUOR Returns To Junction
If you missed QUOR back in November, you now have another chance to catch this band. If you made it to the show last fall, I'm sure you'll be back to The Mesa Theater tomorrow night for more.

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