These guys are crazy! It's the most dangerous 8 seconds in sports. Don't miss the PBR Pro Divison tour this Thursday at The Mesa County Fair.

95 Rock has your free tickets. Keep listening to win. As you guys know I'm a motor sports fan. Part of the appeal is the danger. Let's face it, the most exciting part of any race is the crash. Nobody wants to see anyone hurt but we all love it when parts fly and cars flip a few times.

For years I believed the drivers of these machines were the most fearless in sports. Nope. That honor belongs to bull riders. There are no roll cages, no safety barrier, and no seat belts.

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It's really hard too. If you don't stay on for a minimum of 8 seconds you get no score. In most events, four judges score the rider and bull. Two judges score the rider based on his ability up to 25 points each for up to a total of 50. The other two score the bull on his bucking for up to 25 points each for a total of up to 50 points. So it's possible for a ride to score as high as 100. Most pros score between the mid-70s and high 80s. Like I said, really hard and very dangerous.

Bull Riding hits the Mesa County Fair this Thursday!  Don't miss the bone crushing, snot slinging, action! This event at the grandstands is part of The Mesa County Fair. Ticket purchase will include fair admission for the day. Get yours by clicking HERE.


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