The state of Wisconsin is considering lowering the drinking age to 19. Is this something Colorado should do?

No question Colorado is a forward-thinking state. Being one of only a handful that has approved the recreational sale of marijuana why not consider a change to the drinking age?

In Wisconsin, beer drinking is a way of life. The bill being considered was revealed Wednesday. It's an idea proposed by Republican Reps. Adam Jarchow, Cindi Duchow, and Rob Swearingen. Proponents believe lowering the drinking age could save "countless hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars" spent enforcing the current drinking law with young adults.

I tend to agree with Mr. Jarchow and his "I see no reason why we can send young men and women off to war but they can't have a beer,” logic. It does seem crazy that a person can be sent halfway around the world to fight, and possibly die, for their country but can't have a drink.

Wisconsin is different too in that teenagers may drink at bars and restaurants with a parent present. Per-capita, more people drink in Wisconsin than any other state. Many believe that making it legal, taking the taboo appeal from it, reduces young persons desire to binge.

Other disagree. M.A.D.D. believes the change would encourage increased drinking and result in more alcohol-related accidents. Another issue too is the 1984 Federal Minimum Drinking Act which made the purchase of alcohol its current 21. Colorado didn't let that little detail hold it back from passing Amendment 64. Should Colorado consider lowering the minimum drink age too?

Credit: 9News 


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