With lawmakers in Colorado considering future legislation regarding Amendment 64 statewide, some local governments are crafting their own ordinances. This time it's the Routt County Board of Commissioners banning marijuana from county property.

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What started as a joke was realized by some as a real possibility when Amendment 64 was made official in December 2012. County officials were asked recently to ban marijuana from the county fairgrounds during the county fair in August.

Welcome Sign for the Routt County Fair in Hayden, Colorado

The Routt County Fairgrounds manager told the commissioners,

"It started as a joke when we said, 'What are we going to do if people bring in marijuana plants or baked goods?' In the past, people have brought in noxious weeds as a joke, and we have a rule that noxious weeds are not allowed. Then we thought, 'Well, maybe it's not so funny.'"


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The county commissioners spent some time considering the ramifications and how to keep marijuana out of the fairgrounds. They already have a no open containers rule regarding beer. At the same time they have a beer garden and a home brewing competition.

County officials aren't concerned with appearing to prefer one substance over another at the fairgrounds. Routt County Commissioner Tim Corrigan said, "We're comfortable with that inconsistency." The forthcoming ordinance will likely consider those possessing marijuana on county property as trespassers, who will be nicely asked to leave the property.

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