The numbers are in and January 2015 saw the marijuana tax revenue hit an all time high, at the same time six sheriffs from Colorado file a lawsuit to overturn Amendment 64.

After Colorado voted 55% to enact Amendment 64 the state gave pot shops a tax-free window to move their plants from medical to recreational. So they could get their supplies up to handle the demand.

Now that the numbers are in with the full tax, Colorado will be happy to know the state has brought in an extra $2.5 million dollars. Those tax dollars will go to the state school construction fund. That is a two thumbs up in my book.

Now, for the stupid news. Six sheriffs in Colorado have filed a lawsuit to overturn Amendment 64 saying it makes them break federal law. Yes, they are spending our tax dollars to fight the law of the land in Colorado.

Some sheriffs claim that amendment 64 causes them a real problem. Do they uphold the state law or the federal law?

I think it is very simple, if the feds have backed away from the issue with a "let's wait and see" attitude, then the state law rules.

It might say "Protect and Serve" on the police cars, but it should say "Arrest and Prosecute". The fact is locking people up is big business and those people don't want any part of legal marijuana.

The real sad news is this isn't the only lawsuit against Colorado's amendment 64. There are others and in each one they want the United States Supreme Court to overturn amendment 64 and close the pot shops down.

Well, that isn't going to happen anytime soon and this is why.

The highest court in the land has no interest in these suits. If they did, they would have stepped in when 64 was first passed. Instead, the feds sat back to see how this plays out and it must look good.

It looks so good that not one, but two bills have been introduced in Congress, yeah the Congress in Washington D.C.

One is aimed at ending federal restrictions on medical marijuana while the other is aimed at ending probation on the drug all together and here is the kicker these are both bipartisan bills.

That's right the two parties in Washington who has spent the better part of 10 years fighting each other tooth and nail have somehow come together. How in the hell does that happen?

Can we all say MONEY! While the anti-marijuana crowd may want this country to return to the 80s, the federal government is seeing tax dollars.

Just like any corporation looking for new streams of revenue the gang in D.C. needs new tax dollars and marijuana just could be the new cash cow.

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