Former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo said he won’t honor his promise to smoke marijuana. Early in 2012 Adam Hartle, a comedian and documentarian, caught Tancredo on film saying he would smoke a joint with Hartle if Amendment 64 passed. Well ,as we all know 64 passed on election day 55.3% to 44.6% and when Hartle contacted Tancredo about the pledge, Tancredo said he would have to welsh.

Tancredo told ABC News that he thought he was making a safe bet, he never thought votes would pass the measure. Tancredo has been getting pressure from his conservative friends about the promise but the final straw was his wife. Tancredo says “she’s pissed” and his grandchildren are also very upset with grandpa. Tancredo said in an email “Political heat is one thing but family heat is quite another”.

I guess you should never make a bet or promise before checking with you wife first.

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