Nitro Circus Live is coming tp Ralph Stocker Stadium Saturday, August 26th. Tickets go on sale February 18th. 95 Rock has win-it-before-you-buy-it tickets all next week!

It's been called "The Cirque Du Soleil of action sports."  It's 2 plus hour thrill ride you and your family will never forget.

The show combines the very best in freestyle motocross, BMX and skate riders, plus launching all manner of crazy contraptions off the one-of-a-kind 40-foot high Nitro ramp. Be prepared to yell, scream, be shocked, stunned, and laugh ‘til it hurts. That's a Nitro Circus Live show.

Deanna Pierce
Deanna Pierce

All this plus pyrotechnic and lighting displays, spectacular, death-defying, super-slick and riotously fun entertainment. It's the best and most successful show of its kind selling approximately 3 million tickets in the last 6 years.

All next week keep it locked to 95 Rock to win tickets before they go on sale. Join the WFS Club for special pre-sale offers and other cool Nitro Circus stuff.

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