I just drove the 95Rock truck back from Castle Rock where we had it wrapped. While talking with the guys that did the work one guy asked "What are going to call it? A truck like that needs a name."

"He's right,"  I thought to myself. After getting back to the office I suggested a contest. "Name The 95Rock Truck"! Our management team will choose the winner. The person with the winning entry wins a pair of tickets to see Skillet at the all new Amphitheater at Las Colonias Park September 1st!

Ray Michaels
Ray Michaels

It's a beast! A 1997 4-wheel drive 3500 dually. It's already lifted. We're adding some lights, steps, and a cattle guard. Going to be fun to stomping around in it for sure.

A couple of some early suggestions were "Rocky", because of the station name and the mountain on the hood, not so much the "Italian Stallion." Another was "Jules", "it's bad and black!" #pulpfiction. Ok. Yet another was "Megatron." "it looks like it could be a Transformer.

Well, you're welcome to go with one of these (they were all from employees and not eligible to win). However, I'm certain you guys can come up with some suggestions this good, if not better. Just post your ideas of our Facebook and page and "may the best name win!"


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