As I noted a couple weeks ago. It looked like the road construction project on 1st Street in Junction was going to be substantial. It is.

Ray Michaels

As soon as you head north on 1st Street off of Grand Avenue you're down to one lane and there are construction crews directing traffic. It's down to one lane in both directions. There is heavy equipment on the scene too.

Ray Michaels

Best advice, try to avoid the area if at that's possible.   This project is scheduled to continue through June. Safety was the major issue here. The improvements are expected to decrease accidents. The Grand Junction City Council unanimously approved $2.1 million projects on February 15th.

Ray Michaels


The improvements include bike lanes, pedestrian crossing islands, detached sidewalks, and parking. Businesses along the 1st Street will still be open during construction.

This is just one of several road improvement projects underway around town.  Always remember to be cautious and slow down through construction zones. Be mindful of reduced speed limits and always watch for workers.

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