It's time to cast your ballot in Grand Junction.

Ballots for April's upcoming elections were dropped in the mail today (Monday). City Council seats and a three sales tax increase measures are on the ballot. More funding is being asked to help first responders, transportation, and revenue for construction of a new community center.

Another issue you'll find on the ballot is the question of selling of Burkey Park. The Grand Junction City Council needs your approval to sell Burkey Park and a small portion of Matchett Park. The properties in question are mostly undeveloped parks along Patterson Road. The Burkey family donated the 18-acre parcel of land more than 50 years ago. If sold, the land could become a commercial development project and help boost economic activity along Patterson Road.

After you've filled it out, you can drop your ballot off at the Mesa County Elections building on Spruce Street. If you've not received a ballot by March 18th, you're asked to call Mesa County Elections. Completed ballots need to be submitted by 7 PM on April 2nd. Preview a sample ballot by clicking HERE.

Credit: KKCO11News

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