When it comes to well-traveled roads there's always work to be done.

As much of an inconvenience road construction is to motorists, it is a necessary evil to ensure the streets we are driving on are in the best shape possible. Roads don't fix themselves, and no road lasts forever without upgrades, repairs, and reconstruction.

In the 2017 Grand Junction municipal election voters approved a ballot question giving the city the ability to use funds in the Riverside Parkway savings account for street maintenance projects and neighborhood pavement preservation. The money will be combined with the Capital Improvement sales tax fund.

Eight asphalt overlay projects have been approved for 2019 and should be completed by the end of the summer. Here's where you may find road construction in progress over the next several weeks.

There are other road construction projects underway, but these are the ones being funded as a result of the passage of ballot question 2B.

1. Redlands Parkway – Colorado River Bridge to River Road Bridge - including ramps to River Road
2. S. Camp Rd. – S. Broadway to Rimrock Rd.
3. 9th St. – RR Crossing to Riverside Pkwy
4. 15th St. – D Rd. to Winters Ave.
5. 23 Rd. – Hwy 6&50 to G Rd.
6. 24 1/2 Rd. – Hwy 6&50 to Patterson Rd.
7. 27 Rd. – Crossroads to H Rd.
8. H Rd. – 26 1/2 Rd. to 17 1/4

The cost of these projects is just over $2 million. The work is being done by Oldcastle SW Group dba United Companies of Grand Junction. Be mindful of work zone speed limits and help keep these street workers safe.

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