24 Road will be closed starting November 5

The City of Grand Junction's road construction projects continue. After several weeks of delays, the 7th Street project was finally completed. Now the city is starting another major road construction project. This effort will call for the closure of 24 Road between H Road and I Road. This time, workers are removing a small bridge just south of I Road.

Construction workers will be building a new bridge over the GVIC Highline Canal. The project includes updating some of the irrigation in the area as well. The project will also include reconstruction at the 24 Road and I Road. That work is to help improve visibility and driver safety at that intersection.

These projects and others are all part of the planned road improvements in 2018.  Better get used to continued road closures and construction. As Colorado and the Grand Valley population continues to grow, area roads are getting busier and busier. More traffic means more wear and tear of the roads. That only means more construction.

Credit: KKCO11News 

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