If one were to take a poll asking young students what they dream of doing for a living when they reach adulthood, it's likely that numerous responses would include high-paying jobs including professional musician, sports star, and movie star.

Unfortunately, it's no secret that these types of careers are not only difficult to obtain, but living in a place like Grand Junction, Colorado pretty much rules out any opportunity for stardom of any kind.

While numerous movies and TV shows have been filmed in Colorado, it's pretty seldom that casting calls are announced in the Grand Valley.


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However, a beloved local business has announced a casting call for extras to appear in an upcoming promotional video which would undoubtedly serve as a fun and exciting opportunity for anyone in the area who has been bit by the acting bug.

Grand Junction Colorado's Mesa Fitness is Seeking Extras

One of the most popular gyms in Grand Junction is located at 700 Maldonado Street near Warehouse 2565 and goes by the name Mesa Fitness.

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On Monday, July 8, 2024, DeRush Media published a post on Facebook with an announcement that the company is planning to shoot a promotional video for Mesa Fitness on Saturday, July 13, and is currently seeking extras to appear in it.

As you'll see above, the post specifically asks for members of the gym, but also friends or acquaintances of members of Mesa Fitness.

Filming for the promotional video will take place this coming Saturday at 8 a.m. and will feature locals using various pieces of equipment found in the gym.

If this sounds like something you'd like to participate in, potential extras are encouraged to send a direct message to DeRush Media's official Facebook page.

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