If you don't want tar on your car or hate traffic jams, I'd recommend staying off of 12th street for the next few days.

The 2017 City of Grand Junction road resurfacing project continues. North and southbound traffic on 12th street from Ute to Gunnison Avenue is the stretch that being impacted now. If you live in the neighborhood, as I do, it may limit access to your street.

Ray Michaels

The northbound lane is getting resurfaced today. Traffic is being forced down to the west side of the street and is backed up most of the time. Flagmen are helping to direct the flow of cars but it's a slow go for the entire stretch.

Ray Michaels

It looks like the reverse will be the case in the next day or two. With the sun and heat remaining above the 95-degree mark for the next several weeks, the new asphalt will remain gooey. If you drive a white vehicle as I do, it's a tough battle keeping cleaning the stuff off so it's better to avoid 12th for several days after the construction is completed.

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