Wednesday at 6am the 14th annual 95 Rock ‘Homeless for the Holidays’ will kick off. Each year we move into the Rim-Rock Wal-Mart parking lot to raise food for the Community Food Bank. Once again we will look to raise 9,510lbs of food but we always do more than that thanks to you so please get those donations together and come help us.

This year I will be joined by Kyle Carstens and Bacchus, Kyle does High School Football with me in the fall and Bacchus rocks your weeknights on 95 Rock. We will sleep in Dumpsters and live in the parking lot until we hit our goal.

Each year the Community Food Bank helps those in Mesa County who need a little assistance through a tuff time. People who have paid their bills and find themselves short on cash can go to the Community Food Bank and get a couple of bags of groceries to get help them out.

The event really has nothing to do with homeless people. The reason we call it ‘Homeless for the Holidays’ is because we go homeless. We move into the parking lot and live there until we are finished.

People always ask what is up with the Dumpster? Well, The Dumpster is clean; our friends at Commercial Refuse Service always hook us up with a clean unit to sleep in. The reason we use a Dumpster is because after you line it out with cardboard and get your bed set up it really isn’t too bad. Plus, the Dumpster keeps the wind of you at night.

This Wednesday at 6am we will begin the 14th annual ‘Homeless for the Holidays’ please help us help those in need in our community.