The first quarter of 2015 has seen the usage drop at the Grand Junction Airport, gee I wonder why that is? It turns out that the decrease is about 8% which might not seem like much, but that is about 5,000 people.

While the convenience of not paying for parking and being very close makes flying out of Grand Junction nice. The cost of using our local airport makes it a real pain in the wallet.

Flying round trip from Grand Junction to St. Louis will run you $520 for the flight. Driving to Denver and flying out will run you $319. It will cost you gas money, but I bet it isn't $200 in gas money.

The paying doesn't stop there if you fly out of Grand Junction it will cost you at least $25 to check a bag each way. That is an extra $50 to have your luggage on the trip.

I don't really get this whole baggage fee thing, to me it's like buying a movie ticket and when you get inside they want you pay a "seating fee" to sit down. Who doesn't want their luggage with them? Why the hell did we pack it then?

I know you can omit that fee by just taking a carry-on, but I'm basing this on a week trip so you might need more clothes than that.

Denver has flights with Southwest and that means no baggage fees!

If you don't have a friend or family member where you can park for your trip it will run you about $60 to park in a lot near the airport in Denver.

So, flying out of Grand Junction round trip to St. Louis with all the fees will run just about $570. Taking the same flight out of Denver with gas and parking will run you about $440.

Now here is the kicker if you fly from here to New York that is $600 without the baggage fee. The same flight out of Denver $288 without the baggage fee.

I'm like most people, I use the place that will give me the best price for my buck.

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