When I heard the news I was fired up. Non-stop flights from Grand Junction to Los Angeles are now a reality.

I have a few friends in LA and they have extended the invitation for me to come out. However, only until recently can you fly directly to LA from Junction. I hope to find some time to make the trip out to the west coast soon.

Ray Michaels

Allegiant Air is an option, however, their flights are seasonal and only on Thursdays and Sundays. If you can make that work, you can't beat the price. However, American Airlines is now offering non-stop flights to LAX on Saturdays, which can get over 70 passengers to Los Angeles before 5 PM

Ray Michaels

With so much emphasis on tourism in the Grand Valley having these additional fights will not only help locals get out west but make it more convenient for Southern California residents to make their way here. The additional flights will also make international travel less of a hassle for locals.  Find out more info on the airport and flights by clicking HERE.

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