If you're hoping to see more new flights out of the Grand Junction Regional Airport you might be in luck soon. Our U.S. Senator Cory Gardner announced yesterday that our airport will receive a $950,000 grant from the Department of Transportation for a Small Community Air Service Development Program in hopes to attract new service to San Francisco.

Senator Gardner is also a member of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation which makes sense that he made the big announcement. Personally I loved what he had to say when making the announcement.

“I am excited that Grand Junction Regional Airport will receive this important funding from the Department of Transportation to support their efforts to attract new nonstop service to West Coast destinations,”


“This airport serves as the gateway to the Western Slope and such service has the potential to benefit Coloradans and travelers who utilize this transportation hub. I will continue to be a champion for Colorado at the federal level to ensure our local communities receive the resources they need.”

While travelers here in Grand Junction should be excited about the news, there is no guarantee that a new service begins soon. There are still lots of meetings to be had and paperwork to be done before we see a new non-stop flight to San Francisco. The hope is to have the flight in service in 2021.

If you could choose the next destination for a non-stop flight from Grand Junction where would you want the flight to go?

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