Watch any commercial for airlines and they will make you feel like you are the most important person in the world but this is how your baggage is really treated behind the scenes.

For years, the service on a flight has been on the decline while the fees have been going up like a magic beanstalk.

Once upon a time when you wanted to fly some place you bought your ticket, packed your bags and off you went.

When you got to the airport you would go to the counter and check-in with a real person. They would make sure your bag was taken care of, you had the right ticket and point you to your gate of departure.

Today when you get to the airport you have to self-check-in and print out your tickets. If you have more than a carry-on bag you will pay $25 to $30 for the first bag and an additional fee for each bag you check.

That means a family of three will drop another $75 just to take their bags with them on the trip and then some jackass will treat it like this before it makes it to your plane.

Airlines wonder why they are so disliked by the public, maybe they should just look at this and it will all become clear.