This evening kicks off the Sunset Terrace at The Avalon happy hour events. It's every Thursday evening during the Downtown Grand Junction Farmer's Market. The music will be awesome, the food top notch, and the beverages ice cold, what may be the star of the show is the view!

Before you all jump on me about the tower at The Museum Of The West, I've been up there and the views great, however, there's no food, drinks, or bands. After five minutes of looking around, t's time to come back down. The view this evening may be one you'll not want to end.

Ray Michaels

What's cool too is not many locals have been on the terrace at The Avalon. Zach from Zolopht, our featured act for tonight, is one of those persons. He dropped by the station yesterday and shared he'd hadn't even been on the thing let alone played up there.

Ray Michaels

So this is it. It's time to grab your friends and be the first to take in the view. If you miss this week, no worries, we're doing this every Thursday evening. However, don't you want to be among the first and brag to all your coworkers tomorrow about how cool it was?

Ray Michaels

It's truly the ultimate rooftop experience. The new Sunset Terrace at The Avalon, every Thursday evening starting at 5:30! It's free. Find our more info by clicking HERE. I'll see you there! The roof rocks!

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