This evening it's your chance to star in the new Zolopht music video. The shoot is free and everyone's welcome to join the fun at The Mesa Theater.

The only rule is to be on time. They need everyone inside to start shooting no later than 5:45. Once the shooting starts the doors will be locked so don't be late.

Ray Michaels

"Air" is the title of the new single. The band's been working on the video for some time. The shoot tonight will be the final pieces that will wrap up production. A team from the CMU Advanced Film Students have been recruited to work on the project. It's going to be fun but you'll need to be able to take some direction, be attentive, and cooperate with the production crew to get the desired result.

Frozen Image Photography

There's no payment for your participation however you will be compensated. The fine folks at Palisade Brewing Company will be supplying beer for those 21 and over. Thats right, complementary brews for everyone. As I say "there's only one thing better than beer, free beer!"

Most importantly be ready to have fun!  So bring your enthusiasm and passion for the band and let it all hang out! You could be a video star and then show yourself to all your friends on Youtube. The guys too just had their heads shaved for St. Baldrick's so they want the attention on you, the fans, and not so much themselves!  We'll see you at The Mesa Theater! And it's true, video did kill the radio star.

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