There's another great show coming to downtown Junction this weekend. From the neighboring state to the west, and out of Salt Lake City, it's Royal Bliss.

I recall first hearing about this band during my radio days in Wichita. They made a few stops in the market between 2009-2010 in support of the "Life In-Between" album.

Ray Michaels

The album's first single, Save Me, was released 15 July 2008. It was a staple on rock radio that summer. Later that fall the band's label released the video single for the song. The video features a puppet said to represent the band's tormented psyche. The masked man symbolizes a certain state of emotional decay and turmoil then at the end turns into dust.

To say this band has had its share of ups & downs is an understatement. Royal Bliss has already been through enough to have their own VH1 Behind The Music episode complete with drug addiction, near death falls, car crashes, and a legal problem or two.

For them to still be in the game is reason enough to get out to support this show. However, they're skills and hard rock'n-country sound is the real reason. The show is this Saturday night February 11th. Get your tickets by clicking HERE.

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