I met a man "Living The Dream"!

Last Wednesday, while standing out front of the Mesa Theater waiting to do the Butcher Babies meet & greet I sparked up a conversation with a guy out front. Turns out he wasn't just "some dude" but a guy that's doing what every man on the planet would love to do. He's been on his motorcycle for well over a month traveling around the country on his way to Sturgis.

Nick Hart is a 53-year-old retired infectious disease RN and huge Guns-n-Roses fan! He hopped on his trike and left his home in Dartmouth, Massachusetts and headed down the east coast to Florida. He then turned west across to California, up the west coast, over to Idaho, back down to Las Vegas, and across Utah to Grand Junction. While in downtown he noticed the marque above the Mesa Theater and decided to take in the Butcher Babies show.

When I said "a Guns-n-Roses fan", I mean a real fan! He's seen the band 55 times including shows in Europe and all across the US. He's got the band guys autographs tattoed on his arms and has met them all except for Izzy. He too has the "coolest wife ever" that totally supports his adventures. I know that's right.

The 78th annual Sturgis Rally is underway. The fun and festivities started Friday. This year's event will be attended by bikers the world over and several celebrities, from reality TV star Richard Rawlings of “Fast N’ Loud” to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Among the musical acts include Foreigner, Kid Rock, Eric Church, Buckcherry, Trace Adkins, Jackyl night at The Full Throttle, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

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