We laughed hysterically when we saw him on America's Got Talent and now he's coming to Grand Junction.

Drew Lynch is a standup comedian best known for his appearances on the television show America's Got Talent. Lynch was the second-place finisher on season 10 of the NBC show in 2015. During the course of the show, Lynch received Howie Mandel's golden buzzer, which sent him straight to the quarterfinals.

Lynch's comedy routines consistently had the audience and 'AGT' judges rolling with laughter. No question about it, he's a funny guy.

What makes Drew Lynch unique is an injury he sustained playing softball a few years ago. Lynch was struck in the throat by a softball, fell and hit his head suffering a concussion. The result was a neurogenic stutter he's dealt with for the past nine years.

Often times while performing, Lynch cracks jokes about his disability and incorporates his stutter into the routine. His original material and unique delivery are absolutely hilarious. Since his emergence on America's Got Talent, Lynch has amassed two million subscribers on this YouTube channel.

Lynch is scheduled to perform November 7 at Mesa Theater in downtown Grand Junction at 6:00pm and 8:30pm.

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