On Sunday (Oct. 29) Eddie surprised Nothing More, his girlfriend and everyone at the Mesa Theater by proposing to his girlfriend, Arnissa. Good thing she said yes!

Eddie made sure there was no way Arnissa could say no to his marriage proposal. In a room full of people and in the middle of the Q&A with Nothing More - it's a bit hard to say no. He began the proposal by saying "I've got a question, but it's not for you guys." And with the blessing of Nothing More (and everyone at the Mesa Theater) Eddie gets on one knee and asks Arnissa "will you marry me?"

She had no choice to say yes, it was either that or embarrass her boyfriend. In all seriousness, music is what brought Eddie and Arnissa togehter. She introduced him to the band Nothing More and they love listening to them together. When Eddie found out they were coming to Grand Junction, he knew that "this is the time" -- to propose.

He reached out to Nothing More's manager and had the proposal set up for months. (Insert your "awwwws" here.) Eddie and Arnissa have been dating for about three and a half years and both seemed very excited about the engagement. Eddie made sure to tell his fiancee, "show off the ring" as I was taking their picture.

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