Marriage Proposals

10 Marriage Proposals Tht End in Epic Fails
If you are planning to pop the question this holiday season you might want to watch these 10 marriage proposals that end in epic fails. It has become a tradition for guys to pop the big question around the holidays but be careful.
Best Proposal Fail of the Week
This young man pops the question on what should be a very happy moment for him and his girlfriend but it turns into the best proposal fail of the week. At the very food court where they had met, in front of the lunch crowd, he has his dreams smashed like a china doll.
Best Marriage Proposal
Lovesick guys are always coming up with cool way to pop the question to their girl but this might be the best marriage proposal I have ever seen. Most of the time it happens at a restaurant, a family gathering or at a pro sports game but I don’t think this ever crossed my mind.