I love you, Grand Junction, but your weather is weird. Not always bad weird. But, definitely strange. Is it sunny right now? Not a cloud in the sky, right? Wait 5 minutes and, oh look, your cat just got hit by lightning.

Somebody else getting rained on - Doc Holliday
Somebody else getting rained on - Doc Holliday

Sometimes, there are no less than five different types of weather happening at the same time in different parts of the valley. You can sit on your back porch enjoying the sunshine and look over by the Mesa and watch another burb getting hit by lightning. To the west, you can see rain over Fruita. Drive to the south a little and you can occasionally see snow storms affecting the San Juans.

My wife is a meteorologist and she can't get enough of this. Living in Grand Junction is like a Weather Channel nerd's dream come true. What a beautiful day today. Hold on, here comes a flash flood from the thunderstorm that just hit five miles from here.

You're awesome, Grand Junction. But, your weather is like a house cat that is rubbing itself against your leg lovingly one moment, then scratching the crap out of you the next.

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