It's pretty clear that people on the Western Slope have enjoyed the fact that they can now wear a mask if they choose as restrictions and regulations from the COVID-19 pandemic continue to loosen up. But just as we start to think that we can put the pandemic behind us we are now hearing from Daily Camera that Colorado's COVID-19 outbreaks are on the rise again especially being driven by schools and nursing homes.

As of Wednesday, April 20th Colorado's Department of Public Health and Environment was reporting 613 citizens that were hospitalized due to the virus which is a number that experts are monitoring but continuing to see a rise. Colorado's state health department was reporting 722 active outbreaks as of Wednesday, an outbreak consists of at least two positive coronavirus cases that are linked to one event or location. An outbreak isn't considered over until there has been a four-week period that has passed with no new cases being linked to that event or location.

Where Had the Most COVID-19 Outbreaks in Colorado Recently?

It has been schools with the most outbreaks in Colorado there have been 18 recent linked cases, there have been 13 outbreaks linked to nursing homes, and you will find fewer cases when looking at office buildings and warehouses.

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What Is Going to Happen if COVID Cases Continue to Rise in Colorado?

This is a question no one has the answer to yet. Hopefully, we don't have to find out because no one wants to have restrictions or regulations being enforced again which could hurt small businesses even more than the damage already done.

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