Grand Junction City Council says cool to cruise trails.

It's taken nearly a year but finally, the Grand Junction City Council say it's ok to ride your e-bike on the cities paved and packed trails. At Wednesday night's meeting, a vote was taken to allow electrical-assisted bikes on the city's 21 miles of trails, including most of the Colorado Riverfront Trail. The measure passed with ease with a 6-1 vote.

I'm not sure what it took so long. It's an electric bike. All legal e-bikes are governed at about 20 miles per hour. That's not any faster than a normal bike. I wouldn't be caught dead riding a scooter but I'd ride one of these things. Some are really cool!

There were some that voiced some safety concerns. I'm sorry but I don't get it. If you didn't know the thing had an electric motor on it would you freak out if you saw one zipping along Riverfront Trail? Of course not. I think it's great. If may make riding more accessible for older adults or those with disabilities. A positive side effect too may mean a boost in sales for downtown Grand Junction's Colorado E-Bikes.

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