This week a conference was held disclosing more details of what a proposed event center could do for the downtown economy. This spring the outcome will be in the voter's hands.

The event center would be built along 1st Street next door to the Two Rivers Convention Center. The Grand Junction City Council has already agreed to add an issue to April's ballot to increase sales tax. A tax hike would raise the sales tax to 3%.

As a concert-goer and music fan, I'm for it! Junction currently doesn't have a facility to accommodate mid-level touring bands. In an interesting twist, the venue could be the new home of an independent hockey league team or possibly an NBA minor league team. According to Mike Anton, a committee member, “The Nuggets and the Jazz both are looking at an NBA D-League, and honestly speaking they are looking at here,”

Ray Michaels
Ray Michaels

The basic quarter-cent sales tax is will cost the citizens of Grand Junction 30 dollars a year,” continues Anton.Time to start thinking it over. The event center will rest in the hands of the citizens when the tax increase is on the ballot on April 4th, 2017.

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