Despite a couple slow months Colorado dispensaries are on pace to break the 2017 sales record.

Colorado Department Of Revenue records shows that Colorado dispensaries sold nearly $1.3 Billion in weed through the first 10 months of this year. At that rate, it looks that last years record sales of 1.5 Billion is set to fall. If a new record total is achieved it will be close. After a record-setting summer sales slowed in both September and October. It's not unusual to see sales slip after the mid-summer tourist season. To set a new record, November and December sales would need to be about $220.7 Million.

Fall weed sales were off. Recreational pot sales totaled about $101.3 million in October. That was down 6% from September's total. Even at the slower pace, that's still an 8% higher than last October's tally. Medical marijuana sales continue to slide. Sales were up in September and October but still significantly lower than 2017's sales, with medical weed sales off about 18%.

Credit: Westworld 

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