The Colorado Senate endorsed a bill to expand the immigrant license program.

The Colorado Department of Revenue has been issuing drivers licenses to non-residents since 2014. This new bill, approved by the Senate on Wednesday, looks to increase the number Department of Motor Vehicles offices offering the special drivers licenses from the current 3 to 10 by July 2020.

Another vote will send the bill to the House. Colorado first started issuing the special licenses back in 2014. Since then, over 61,000 have been issued. Increasing the number of offices offering these special licenses will shorten the wait for those seeking the specail permits which can take several months to aqquire.

I suppose the bigger question is "should those living and working in the country without proper documentation be allowed the privilege in the first place?" Ask any law enforcement officer or judge and they'll tell you "driving isn't a right, it's a privilege."

According to lawmakers, the program was created to "help Colorado’s $8 billion agriculture industry and make roads safer by licensing drivers." The cost is covered by the fees paid by applicants. The price of these special driver licenses is more than what's charged to citizens.

Credit: KOAA5News

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