Colorado's marijuana policy is catching on in other states.

It's Election Day in the US. Across the country members of the US Congress, both in the House of Representatives and the Senate, plus 36 state governor races are being decided by the voters. Also on the ballots are various marijuana laws.

2018 was a big year for weed in North America. Just last week, Mexico’s version of the Supreme Court overturned pot prohibition. The big news was Canada's recent recreational marijuana legalization. Here in the US, recreational marijuana became legal in Vermont on July 1 and voters in Oklahoma approved a very progressive medical marijuana bill this summer.

Today, voters in Michigan and North Dakota will decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana sales. If the measure passes it would make them the first midwest states to do so.

Today Utah and Missouri voters are deciding if their states will join the medical marijuana ranks. I saw on social media today a few of my Missouri friends proclaiming they had voted in favor of the measure. Over half the states have approved medical marijuana.

Canada and nine US states plus the District of Columbia have already legalized recreational weed sale to adults over 21, and if Michigan and North Dakota do the same, what impact will all of this have on Colorado? Will the "weed vacation destination" fade away? Perhaps the bigger question is, "How long before the whole of North America goes green?"


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