Interested in knowing just how much weed's being sold in Colorado? A monthly report is now available.

It's not as informative as it is interesting. For the most part, it's just a number. However, in the words of Tony Montana after Bernstein writes his buy off on a table napkin "Big number." Total marijuana sales so far in Colorado is $4,246,180,455. Indeed a big number.

The Colorado Department of Revenue says that they'll be providing what they call "an accurate picture of the financial footprint of the Colorado marijuana industry." The info will go back to January 2014 and continue through to the current month. The report will be available to see for yourself on the 7th business day of every month. The idea is to keep the industry, and the revenue associated with it, as transparent as possible.

The monthly reports will include the total gross sales minus wholesale for both recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries by county. CDR will also keep a running total of the sales figures from the year to date.

To see the new report for yourself just click HERE.

Credit: KKTV 11News

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