Tickets continue to go fast for the Rodney Carrington shows Sunday, January 29th at The Avalon Theater. Here's the latest update as of right now.

The early 5:30 show only has a few scattered seats for the most part. However, I did find two together on the floor in Section 1 Row B.  The lower Mezzanine three sections only have a few single seats left. The upper Mezzanine had only one seat left.


Since I last checked before the New Year, the floor had nearly all the seats available. A check this evening shows they're moving pretty fast. The three lower sections have seats for sale. Section 2 in the middle is sold about halfway back. The side sections still have seats in just about every row.

The three middle Mezzanine still looks good. The center section has sold a few rows back but most of the other two sections remain unsold. The upper Mezzanine is still unsold except a few seats in the front.

At this pace the show should sell out some time around the third week of January. If you're thinking about going I'd not delay. Many of you too were happy to hear of the later show. Rodney tends to cut it lose a bit more in the second show. Get your tickets today at Monumental Events by clicking HERE. You also charge by phone at 800-626-8497. We will see you there!


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