Halloween is over and it's officially November. Is it time to put up your Christmas lights?

I was at The Avalon Theater for the Halloween screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show Tuesday night. When I left downtown I noticed some lights on in a few trees. I was "what tha?" then I figured the city must be getting a jump on things since they have so many to put up in time for the downtown tree lighting November 17th.

So when is it cool to put up your lights? Just to clarify, I'm not talking about the indoor stuff. Only your friends and family see that. It has no impact on the public at large. What I'm talking about are the external decorations. You holiday freaks, you know who you are! Those of you who are already counting it down to Christmas. Those of you that have already started your Christmas shopping. You want to put your stuff up, don't you? Is it too early? Well, according to a poll by insurance provider Confused.com, over 86% of people believe that November is too early to put up the decorations. Black Friday is too early in my book. December is the acceptable time to get into the Christmas spirit. Now you know. No lights until December! Except for downtown Grand Junction. I guess we have to give them a pass. The tree lighting is already on the schedule. It's too early I'm telling you.


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