I'm guessing in a place where mountain biking is a big deal, BMX probably ranks pretty high too.  This weekend it's The Mile High National-Supercross series.

Today, Saturday, and Sunday BMX athletes from around the world will descend on Grand Junction for a weekend of high flying competition. The event goes down at Grand Valley BMX.

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Nick Adams is the track owner/operator. He knows his stuff and has run the track since 2006. The Grand Valley BMX has been the #1 track in Colorado for nearly a decade and is recognized as a Top Ten Track by USA BMX!


If your family is into BMX, or perhaps just curious, you'll want to check this out. BMX is great fun for the family that loves bike and riding. The facility is at 2785 US Highway 50 here in Grand Junction. For more info click HERE. The Mile High Nationals are here in Grand Junction this weekend. Don't miss it!

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