Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of companies have been forced to change the way they conduct business, including ski resorts. However, one decision made by Vail Resorts rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, including a now-former employee.

Tim McMahon worked for the company's Beano's Cabin and was outraged at the company's decision to disperse employees from their employee housing. Unlike many protests across the country, McMahon was provoked by a company not being careful enough to keep the virus from spreading.

He proceeded to make up a sign that read, "10 Days to Vacate Employee Housing," followed by the hashtag #ProfitsoverPeople. He felt that by kicking employees out of their homes that they were more likely to spread the virus as opposed to staying home.

The sign was spotted by a camera, unbeknownst to McMahan and when his employers got wind of it, they fired him.

Vail is of course located in Eagle County, which has an alarming number of residents that are infected with the virus. In fact, some of the latest numbers reported are over 500 people.

While many protests have taken place lately, including one in Grand Junction last Saturday, the ability to peacefully protest does not necessarily protect one's job.

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