Marty Coniglio, perhaps best known as a meteorologist on Denver's 9News' morning show, was fired back in July because of a tweet comparing U.S. troops taking charge in cities like Portland to Nazis.

Coniglio has never been afraid to share his opinions, however polarizing they have been when it comes to Donald Trump. In fact, when asked what he thought about the 2016 election results he replied that "racism and sexism are alive and well in the United States of America."

Now, a few months after his termination from 9News, Coniglio wrote a hefty article for Westword explaining his actions and why he does not regret tweeting what he did, and why he does not disagree with the news station's decision to let him go. He begins his story with the following:

Better to be a good American than a good employee. Distilled to its most elemental expression, that is the reason why I blew up a 35-year career in broadcast media to add my voice to the alarms sounding about the current state of our Republic.


My former employer did the right thing in firing me. They set the rules, standards of conduct and guidelines for content. Break them and you pay. I did and I did.


To anyone gleefully saying that I got what I deserved, I agree, so let’s move on...back to our imperiled democracy.

The tweet that cost Coniglio his job was essentially a photo of a group of Nazis with the caption, "Federal police in where have I seen that before?"

In the story, Coniglio pointed out that in his lifetime he has been a registered Republican, Democrat, and currently identifies as an Independent, and noted that he considers himself not necessarily a journalist, but more of a scientist.

He ended the article the same way that he began it, reiterating that it's "better to be a good American than a good employee."

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